Fleet range

Vehicle Descriptions

  • Sedan Self Drive
  • Sedan Chauffeur Driven
  • Luxury Vehicle 7 Seater Self Drive with trailer
  • Luxury Vehicle 7 Seater with Driver with trailer
  • Minibus (Touring) 10 Seater with trailer
  • Minibus (Touring) 13/14 Seater with trailer
  • Minibus 15-17 Seater Luxury with trailer
  • Midibus 20-22 Seater Luxury with trailer
  • Maxi Bus 22-25 Seater Luxury with trailer
  • Coach 28-32 Seater Luxury
  • Coach 34-36 Seater Ultra Luxury
  • Coach 44-52 Seater Ultra Luxury
  • Coach 55-60 Seater Luxury
  • Coach 60-70 Seater Midi Luxury
  • Bus 60 Seater Semi Luxury without Airconditioning
  • Bus 60 Seater Semi Luxury with Airconditioning
  • Bus 60-80 Seater Commuter with trailer


Vehicle specifications and allotments are always an important part of your tour package and plans. People are rather fastidious and picky when it comes to the vehicle they are traveling in. It is this ambit that ensures and testifies the success of a tour. For those seeking luxury, elegance and comfort and the whole nine yards, you have Tour Buses South Africaservice that provide self-driven Sedans and Chauffeur driven Sedan cars. There are trained, seasoned drivers who will take you across the city safely and smoothly. They will take to the best spots and sights.

The vehicle drive

With Tour Buses South Africa, you have cost-effectiveness at your doorstep. A large array of vehicles can take care of pick and drop facilities. You have 7 seater luxury vehicles that have trailers. You can keep your belongings here. There are people who commute or travel with heavy duty luggage. These trailers come in real handy in this juncture. There are touring minibuses with 10-13-14 luxury trailers. You also have Minibuses with 15, 17, 22, 25 seaters and luxury facilities. The luxury coaches have great seating arrangements with 28, 32, 36, 44, 52, 60, and 70 seating lots. You have buses with both AC and non AC features.